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How to Build Your Own GPU Mining Rig

How to Build Your Own GPU Mining Rig

What is GPU Mining?

GPU mining rigs run mathematical equations millions of times per second in order to extract Altcoins from the network you decide to use. The math problems the mining rig is solving help verify the transactions and keep the network stable. You probably won’t get filthy rich off of just one mining rig, but you can make a decent amount of money depending on the amount and type of GPUs you use. Your excepted cost for building a rig could range anywhere between $800 to $3000 plus. For a more in-depth breakdown of Crypto mining check out our post here

In order to build a GPU rig you’re going to need the following:

  1. Aluminum Angels
  2. Wooden Blocks
  3. Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  4. Motherboard
  5. Power Cables
  6. A Memory Stick or Solid State Hard Drive
  7. Random Access Memory (RAM)
  8. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  9. Heatsink Fan
  10. Powered Risers
  11. Power Switch
  12. Graphics Processing Units (GPU)
  13. Power Drill
  14. Screwdriver
  15. Self-Driving Screws

Once you have all these items, you’re ready to begin.


When selecting a GPU checkout the benchmarks to see exactly what each card will produce. You can view those details here. Besure to buy a large enough PSU and motherboard to support your GPUs. 


Step 1 Building the Case.

This will consist of the aluminum angles. You will need to cut five angles to 24-inches and eight angles to 14-inches. Screw the 14-inch angels together to form two squares. Then connect both square’s base with the 24-inch angles. The last 24-inch angle will be used as a crossbar for the GPUs. Once you have the frame in place, you will then want to add the wooden blocks to the base of the frame (the blocks should fit between the 14-inch angles). This is where you will mount the motherboard and power supply unit.


Step 2 Building the Rig.

Mount the motherboard to the wooden blocks using the screwdriver. This is to reduce chances of damaging the motherboard. The next thing you will want to do once the motherboard is attached to the blocks is to put the CPU into the motherboard. Be careful not to touch any part of the connectors of the CPU.Once the CPU is in place, you will need to lock it in with the cover that is built into the motherboard. Next, you will add the heatsink above the CPU.

Now you will want to install the stick of RAM into the motherboard. At this point, you’re ready to add the PSU to the rig. On the back of the PSU, you will notice a bunch of different holes, these will line up with the motherboard and GPUs. The main power input is the 24-pin slot on the motherboard, and 8-pin slot is located next to the CPU. Connect the cables to the motherboard first then the PSU.

Now you will want to add the Powered Risers to the rig. These risers connect the GPUs to the motherboard. Connect a SATA cable to the powered riser and then connect the cable to the PSU. Take the USB connected chips (located on the other end of the powered risers) and install them into the PCI-E slots on the motherboard. Now you can connect the power risers to the GPUs. To connect the GPUs to the PSU, you will notice holes on the top of the GPU. Connect the power cable to this hole and then back to the PSU. At this point, you will then want to the GPUs on the top of the mining rig frame.

Tip: Zip ties work perfectly for securing the GPUs in place. These can also be removed easily for any repairs or changes to the rig you might make. The last part will be to add the power switch to the motherboard. That takes care of the hardware side of things.


Step 3 Mining Software.


First, you’re going to want to connect your rig to the internet. You should connect your rig to the internet by using an Ethernet cord. We suggest using a 32giga byte USB stick loaded with EthOS. EthOS is a Linux based Equihash mining platform that tends to have great results. All of our rigs at Mining Dudes use this platform.

Once you have everything in place you’re ready to boot up. Type “show miner” into the command prompt you will see your mining activity. At this point, your miner will begin mining. You’re going to want to double check the first time around that you have the payouts pointing towards your wallet address.




How Many Coins Will My Rig Produce?

This is dependent on what GPUs you use, and what coin you decide to mine. Mining Dudes rig’s use 1080ti Turbo GPUs. These are the most powerful unit available on the market. The Hyper miner 2250 mines at 2250 Sols/Hash. Our rigs can be found here.


What Is The Best Coin To Mine?

This is constantly changing based on a variety of factors. This is mainly due to the price of a coin and the network difficulty level. Mining Dudes have been mining Zcash in-house because we see great margins on operations. This does not mean this coin will always be profitable. We suggest using mining calculators for different coins to fit your needs. Here is a Zcash mining calculator you can use.


Do You Guys Sell Just Your Frame?

We currently sell our frame as part of a mining kit. The mining Kit includes a motherboard, power supply unit, CPU, heatsink, powered risers, EthOS loaded USB stick and of course our custom-built frame. Our kits can be found in our Mining rig shop.


If you have any questions drop us a message and one of our dudes will get back to you shortly.


Happy Mining!

-The Dudes