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If you plan on buying 10 or more miners, please contact us to see if we can setup a special offer!

We are happy to setup your units upon request as well as setting up a commercial mining farm.

Full-Service Data Center

for Cryptocurrency Mining


About us

  • A strong team of hardware, software engineers and industrial designers with over 20 years of combined experience developing professional workstations, servers and data centers.
  • We are building the best GPU mining rigs on the market.
  • We can build your personal data center in your garage, office, home or warehouse including all the electrical, cooling and network installation services required.
  • We have capacity and resources to handle bulk purchases and can build as many rigs as needed in short period of time.
  • We are happy to supply any size project and will provide full tech support and installation if needed. 

Services Provided

Service Area:  Team relocation to any USA state available for installation period.

  • Building top of the line GPU mining rigs.
  • Location Search (warehouse, industrial space, office) for mining farm location.
  • Electrical Setup. Electrical installation based on mining rigs requirements.
  • Cooling. Cooling system calculation and installation based on mining rigs requirements.
  • Internet. Reliable and stable internet connection based on mining rig demand.

     Mining Dudes rigs features

    • Best hardware configuration based on NVIDIA GTX 1080 TI graphics cards (Highest-level).
    • Custom built lightweight open-air mining rigs.
    • Advanced operating system (Linux-based) with optimizations for mining and a user-friendly interface.
    • Graphics cards temperature monitoring software with intellectual control of each GPU and increasing / decreasing power.
    • Room temperature control; temperature sensors with smartphone notifications and interface.
    • Web page with full statistics including mining speed, consumption, room temperature or each video card temperature.
    • Remote control. You can remotely control your mining rigs from your laptop or smartphone.
    • Unparalleled Support. All rigs come with 30-day dedicated support from our in-house technicians.

    Mining Dudes has professional computer technicians who have set up countless mines including Bitcoin and Ethereum farms from the ground up. This means we can navigate the electrical hurdles, the internet requirements, and storage all while providing unparalleled support for your miner.

    Send us an email if you are interested in setting up a mining farm or bulk purchase.

    We are based in New York, USA!

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